What is JCoP?

JCoP (Joint Code of Practice) is crucial for construction professionals, offering best practices in fire prevention and guidelines for temporary site accommodation. 

Essential for insurance contracts, its latest edition, 10.1, applies to projects over £2.5m and smaller value contracts in larger projects. Non-compliance may affect insurance validity.

Version 10.1

In January 2023, the Fire Protection Association (FPA) released version 10.1 of JCoP on the Protection of Fire on Construction Sites and Buildings. The latest edition provides new guidance on fire safety and best practice for fire prevention on construction sites.

JCoP and HSG168

References within JCoP 10.1 are made to the Health & Safety Guidance – Fire Safety in Construction (HSG168). JCoP 10.1, clause 13.6 and HSG168 outline the requirements for temporary accommodation that is part of a vertically stacked installation, situated outside of the 6m parameter of a building under construction. (This extends to 20m when next to a large timber framed building.)

The requirement is that the walls and stacked structure(s) within this area must achieve 30 minutes fire resistance for the following three performance classifications:

  • R - Loadbearing capacity (stability)
  • E - Integrity
  • I - Insulation

Our Cleveland Hire fleet surpasses 30 minutes of fire testing and is fully REI compliant for ceilings, floors, and supporting members (walls). We have worked with our trusted suppliers, and the UK’s largest insurance companies and brokers, to establish a specification that has been tested to confirm compliance with all three elements outlined in this clause whilst considering the aesthetic and operational practicalities required with a hire fleet.

Cleveland JCoP Gold Standard

We’ve ensured that our Cleveland Hire fleet of anti-vandal units are fully compliant with the latest JCoP 10.1 guidelines, enabling us to supply products with Cleveland’s Gold Standard seal of approval.

Surpassing 30 minutes of fire testing, the ceilings, floors, and upgraded walls of our units meet all REI requirements, giving our customers 100% site insurance peace of mind. Operating by our ‘We All Own Safety’ value, our commitment to fire safety strengthens our status as a leading provider of energy-efficient and insurance compliant site accommodation.

Our Cleveland JCoP Gold Standard products include:

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