DAB Engineering

Based in the East Midlands, DAB Engineering deliver civil engineering contracts for commercial, industrial, and retail sectors in the UK.

A prominent construction company, DAB Engineering embarked on a 52-week project in Market Harborough. This venture aimed to construct new roads, sewers, and infrastructure for Davidson Homes, marking a significant addition to their array of successful projects.

DAB Engineering

With the project underway, DAB Engineering faced the crucial task of setting up an efficient site that could accommodate the workforce and ensure smooth operations throughout the project's duration.

Our competitive quotation and the opportunity to access new accommodation units aligned perfectly with their requirements. Consequently, DAB Engineering saw this as an opportunity to diversify their supplier base and forge a partnership with Cleveland Hire.

For this project, we supplied:

  • 20ft Canteen
  • 20ft Office Staircase
  • 12ft Toilet Block and steps
  • Effluent Tank
  • Generator

Along with the competitive quotation and opportunity to hire new equipment, we felt it was a good time to use Cleveland Hire and add a new supplier to our database. The units we had on hire were perfect, they were exactly what we had hoped for and more. Our site team were more than happy with the site set up. Whether it’s setting an account up or requesting a tank empty on site, Cleveland have been efficient and easy to deal with in all aspects and we would have no hesitation in using them again.

Callum Baum, Commercial Manager at DAB Engineering

The collaboration between DAB Engineering and Cleveland Hire proved instrumental in ensuring the successful execution of the Market Harborough project. Through our commitment to excellence and seamless delivery of high-quality site accommodation units, we not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. This project highlights the significance of creating strong partnerships in the construction industry and underscores the value of reliable suppliers like Cleveland Hire in driving project success.

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